Client Testimonials

Jeanne Able is the most knowledgeable businesswoman with whom we have ever dealt. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the real estate business, but beyond that, she works tirelessly for her clients, finding the answers for arcane inquiries, locating competent building tradesmen and inspectors and developing creative options for your buying/selling negotiations. She also possesses a thorough psychological understanding of the needs and motivations of buyers and sellers. With boundless patience and endless grace she is able to lead her buyers to a comfortable understanding of the critical differences among what they think they want, what they truly need and what they can afford -- an extraordinary balancing act. We have purchased three properties through Ms. Able, two investments and our current home. When we are in the market for another real estate investment, Ms. Able will lead the way.
James Gould

A gifted listener, Jeanne uses her extensive knowledge of local markets to astutely address her client's needs. When those needs evolve 180 degrees, Jeanne remains completely unflappable and produces terrific results. She is a delight to work with!
Robin Carpenter, CFA, CTP, Vice President, Foreign Exchange, US Bank Capital Markets

It is my pleasure to recommend Jeanne Able as a top-notch real estate broker. I first met Jeanne 9 years a go when I relocated to Oregon from Arizona - She was the listing agent of the home I purchased. Since then, Jeanne has helped me sell or buy every home I've lived in (3), as well as an investment property. Jeanne expertly flights homes for sale; her marketing skills and knowledge of this market are unparalleled. Jeanne's expertise and integrity make her a delight to work with, I trust her judgment implicitly. She has a vast network of professionals in other industries, and is happy to share a name or two when I need a referral. She's not only a consummate real estate professional but also a terrific business person, and a good friend.
Sandra Fraser, Attorney

It is my pleasure to endorse and recommend Jeanne Able as one of the most profes-sional and capable realtors I have known and had the pleasure to be associated as co-owner of Windermere Realty Group. Jeanne has been in the business for many years, and in my position as co-owner of the brokerage, I can definitely testify to Jeanne's professionalism and abilities, having seen her in action during those years. Jeanne is a true professional, whose orientation is always to the well-being of her clients, and one who advances those interests at all times, in a way that accomplishes the goals of her clients, and makes us very proud of her association with Windermere. Jeanne is an excellent realtor, and any potential client would be fortunate to have her represent them.
James R. Adler, Co-Owner Windermere Realty Group